About Us

Why do people bring their pets to River Ridge Bed & Biscuit?

  • Loving care
  • Individual attention
  • 25+ years of experience
  • Customized meals
  • Large Runs
  • Safe and secure environment
  • Only 4 miles from town
  • Competitive lodging rates
  • Member of American Boarding Kennels Association
Our mission is to create a no stress environment in a complete care facility where pets can be left with confidence. River Ridge Bed & Biscuit provides a home away from home for furry family members.
We take cats and dogs of all sizes, so pricing is determined based on a number of factors like size and meals, so give us a call at (828) 524-0700 to find out pricing!

All pets get exercise and cuddle time included free with boarding fees.

Is our focus on our customers? You betcha! Your dog is accustomed to pizza on Friday night? Thick or thin crust? Your kitty sleeps with a special blankie? Bring it. Buffy has been under the weather lately? We’ll keep a close eye on her and get her to the vet if need be. Can we sprinkle brewer’s yeast and garlic on Muffin’s dinner? For sure!

We will customize our care to fit the needs of your pets. We will pamper, protect, nurture and comfort them when they’re homesick and need loving.

-Marti Donaldson, Innkeeper